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Meet Kouassi Kouadio & Qoheleth Tax Services

Kouassi Kouadio, founder and CEO of Qoheleth Tax Services, opened his new tax preparation business in the Poconos just as COVID-19 arrived in the US. Despite adversity and thanks to his personal faith and entrepreneurial spirit, he is a testimony to what can be achieved through perseverance, education and relationship building.

Qoheleth Tax Services is a virtual tax preparation business ideal for those wishing to file their taxes entirely online—but the company also builds client relationships through in-person tax and credit score consulting. With the October 15 tax extension deadline approaching, Kouadio and his team urge new and returning clients to call 570.216.8157 to get tax help or request tax filing in the Lehigh Valley and across the US. To contact Qoheleth Tax Services online, click here.

Company Mission

Qoheleth Tax Services believes in unity and education with the goal of ensuring great tax preparation. The company also provides resources for clients to become entrepreneurs, business owners and people who impact the community.

Business Offerings

  • Personal & business tax preparation (remote or in person)
  • Small business tax planning
  • E-filing services
  • Amendment filing & IRS letter reviews
  • Tax relief education & assistance
  • Investment & credit score help
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Business incorporation filing
  • Individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) services
  • Podcasting, video interviews & small business storytelling
  • Tax, eCommerce & real estate consulting

For your convenience, Qoheleth Tax Services offers online scheduling for 2019 tax extension filing (Oct. 15, 2020) and 2020 tax planning and filing.

The Big Picture & Overcoming Pandemic Realities

Kouassi Kouadio opened Qoheleth Tax Services early this year and, like many business owners, he wasn’t prepared for the coronavirus devastation. “Before opening my tax service company, I was in real estate. I was buying and flipping properties when I decided to integrate the tax services business. As I was switching from real estate to the tax side, the pandemic arrived—just as I was finishing school, getting licensed and working with my team to find a physical location for our new company. We were in the middle of buying a property when COVID-19 hit, and it put us behind. We lost a lot of our investment, and it was a very difficult time,” he says.

Determined to succeed and committed to his clients’ and employees’ welfare, Kouadio led his team to reimagine the company’s role in a ‘new normal’ economy. Today, Qoheleth Tax Services is a virtual tax prep business without a brick and mortar location, and the firm is certified to file taxes in all 50 states. “We are proud to partner with Jumping Jack Taxes, the fastest-growing tax preparation company in the country. Together, we bring tax professionals to you,” says Kouadio. “But we don’t just file and prepare taxes; we also provide an educational system that teaches clients to save more, realize their business dreams and use our online platforms to manage tax filing.”

Beyond taxes and financial planning, Kouadio says he and his staff are focused on a bigger picture. “We invest in the community and really educate our clients. That is why we also have a podcast. We talk about tax relief and real-life finance problems, but we also teach listeners to think positively, build themselves up or start successful businesses.”

Education & Family Legacy

Before becoming a certified tax specialist, Kouadio owned his own eCommerce and real estate companies. In a time of self-discovery, while battling some painful personal issues, the young business owner started thinking about his purpose. “I decided it was time to figure out what I really wanted to do with my life; how I would provide for my family someday—and how I could share what I have with other people. Now, my tax company is a hub for all of my enterprises, including the real estate and eCommerce businesses. I want to use my platform to help people and teach them financial literacy and success, too.”

Kouadio graduated from Keystone College with a business administration degree and says he’s always been a high achiever. “My grandfather and father are my role models in life. My grandpa taught me to always be ‘the solution guy’ and find ways to help others. He used to import and export cocoa on the Ivory Coast of Africa. He started the business because he wanted our family to have freedom and security. My father is an entrepreneur, too. He came to the U.S. in 1993, and now he owns a trucking company. Now it’s my turn to put in the hard work—and I like to figure out ways my work can benefit other people.”

Focus on Faith & Generosity

Kouadio credits a fervent faith with his strong desire to help others. “Ever since I was little, I considered myself a ‘child of God’—but until recently I didn’t really know who that God was.” Over the last two years, Kouadio devoted himself to seeking the God who was his creator. With time, prayer and the influence of a close friend who took him to church, he says he is now a Christian who is “120% dedicated to following Jesus and living out his Word.”

“I want to do what Jesus has planned for me. If he isn’t part of my business, I don’t want to do it.” According to Kouadio, this faith journey has made a deep impact on how he treats his clients, business partners and employees—since he considers his small business a ministry. “My team has regular meetings where we communicate and plan, but this is also ‘church’ for us. We get to know each other, share personal stories and pray or study together. I believe faith is what makes our company what it is right now—and it is also how we will succeed in the future.”

Prioritizing generosity in every facet of the business, Qoheleth Tax Services recently did a school supply drive and giveaway for needy Poconos students. “As long as God gives us another day, we need to be grateful—and we are always, always figuring out ways we can help our community.” 

Kouadio understands the toll the pandemic has taken on US small businesses, and he feels blessed. “I am grateful that my business has already adapted to this new normal with our all-virtual business model. We have seen many tax businesses close in our community while we have taken everything online. We are relying on social media and podcasts to get information to clients. And we are creating personal connections and interacting with clients using Zoom or FaceTime, so customers get to know the people who are doing their taxes. We also want to help other businesses overcome COVID-19 challenges, so we are providing free business spotlights on my podcast.”


“Whatever business you decide to start, make sure your purpose and vision are bigger than yourself. Most importantly, as you choose the kind of company you want to open, think about whether you will be solving someone’s problem. Think about how you can bless them.”

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