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Benefits of Bradford White Water Heaters

Water Heater

A typical home water heater needs replacing every eight to 12 years. Sure, a meticulously maintained appliance may last longer, but as a rule, you can count on a new water heater every decade.

When it’s time to replace your aging hot water heater, Elek recommends Bradford White for its product quality, longevity and efficiency. A leader in the plumbing business, Bradford White offers next-level water heaters that are built to last. In Elek’s experience, these American-made devices perform well beyond their warranty (though life expectancy depends on water quality, system use and maintenance schedules).

Bradford White Water Heaters: “Built to Be the Best” Elek Plumbing Installs Bradford White Water Heaters

  • USA manufacturing. Like Elek, Bradford White has a legacy of experience backing its products. In business since 1881, the company’s water heaters are made in America and feature the latest high-efficiency innovations.
  • Product quality. Water heaters should be easy to use and deliver adequate amounts of hot water on demand. Bradford White water heaters are built from high-caliber parts and materials and undergo rigorous testing for dependability and safety.
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified. Minimizing your carbon footprint while providing notable annual energy savings, all Bradford White water heaters meet ENERGY STAR’s rigorous certification requirements.
  • Safety conscious. Bradford White demonstrates concern for your family by including state-of-the-art, scald-free temperature controls and auto-shutoff features on gas water heaters.
  • Model options. Depending on your capacity requirements, price range and lifestyle, Bradford White has a model for every need. Comprehensive options include tankless, electric, natural gas, oil burning, low-NOx (nitrogen oxide), solar, propane and hybrid models.
  • Warranty quality. Bradford appliances are lined with Vitraglas® enamel to protect against corrosion. They also include a robust six-year warranty on tanks and parts.

Request a Water Heater Consultation

No matter what your water heater’s make and model, Elek Plumbing technicians can repair, maintain or replace it. Providing knowledgeable advice without a pushy upsell, our SuperSTARS put you first, every day.

Call 610.432.7001 now to report a water heater leak, learn more about the advantages of Bradford White products, or speak with a member of our century-old plumbing company.

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