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Well Pumps

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If you live in a rural area or rely on the local water table to deliver water for drinking, cooking, cleaning and irrigation, Elek Plumbing installs and maintains jet pumps, submersible pumps and specialty pumps to suit your home’s unique geography. Elek well pumps are customizable to well depth and casing diameter, and features and benefits include:

  • Overload protection to prevent motor burnout
  • Booster to increase PSIDry-running protection
  • High flow velocity
  • Variable speed motors
  • Soft starts to reduce wear & tear
  • Energy-efficient design
  • Stainless steel parts
  • Integrated water treatment systems


Save $250 off of any Well Pump Replacement
  • $250 Off ANY Well Pump Replacement.

Well Pump Repair Services in the Lehigh Valley

If your well pump is malfunctioning or you are having trouble transporting water into your home, the Elek SuperSTARS can help. Pumps and tanks can fail over time due to age or damage. If you find yourself without water, call 610.432.7001, day or night. Well-water repair services include:

  • Low or no water pressure
  • Low water production
  • Short cycling pump
  • Faulty pump or pump controls
  • Air in the lines
  • Cracked pump housing

Proudly serving Northampton, Montgomery, Lehigh, Monroe, Bucks and Berks counties, Elek replaces failing shallow and submersible well pumps with high-efficiency pumps guaranteed to last. Begin by requesting a well pump diagnosis—and letting our water treatment experts handle your water crisis. Restoring water quickly, we also provide free water testing to choose filtration and softening systems that balance pH, remove minerals and clarify your water’s taste.

Schedule Free Water Testing for Your Well

It is critical for customers relying on well water to have their water supply periodically and professionally tested. Your free Elek water analysis evaluates water for minerals, bacteria, nitrates and local contaminants that could harm your family’s health and reduce the lifespan of plumbing and appliances.

After evaluating your well-water sample, Elek’s water treatment specialists recommend filtration systems that remove pollutants and render your water safe, tasteful and odorless. To learn more about our Allentown, PA water filtration services, call 610.432.7001 or ask a team member online. We’re proud to provide residents of Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton with high-efficiency, low-maintenance well pumps and water treatment equipment.

Well Pumps

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