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Emergency Plumbing Services

Out of the blue, a plumbing crisis can ruin your day, disrupt your business, destroy floor coverings and furnishings, or put your health at risk. At Elek Plumbing, we know plumbing disasters can’t wait—so our skilled SuperSTARS are on-call days, nights and weekends to fix burst pipes, sewer backups, plumbing leaks or water heater breakdowns. It’s 24-hour emergency service you can count on—and peace of mind you should never be without.

Call 610.432.7001 to reach Elek’s emergency team when these major plumbing issues strike:

Drain clogs:

We provide responsive plumbing service and hydro-jetting for emergency drain clogs, bathroom drain clogs, kitchen drain clogs and outdoor sewer blockages.

Water heater problems:

Trust us for water heater repair and water heater replacement, and ask about highly efficient tankless water heaters and ENERGY STAR-rated models.

Leaks & burst pipes:

When pipes freeze or burst, your basement floods, or a sump pump overflows, our certified technicians offer emergency remedies at competitive pricing—including pipe replacement and water line repair.

Sewer lines:

A sewer blockage can wreak havoc on your home and plumbing system. Elek’s emergency sewer service includes trenchless repair and hydro-jetting for sewer backups and major clogs.

Commercial & industrial service:

Downtime just isn’t an option for your business. At Elek Plumbing, our 24/7 emergency response is available for office buildings, medical campuses, schools, retailers, multi-family communities and mixed-use facilities.

Plumbing 9-1-1: What to Do When Disaster Strikes

If you’re experiencing a plumbing disaster, don’t panic. Take these simple steps to get the situation under control and minimize damage to your home or business. Then, call the Elek SuperSTARS, day or night: 610.432.7001

  • Shut off water at the source. For a localized problem, close the valve at the base of the affected sink or toilet. For large-scale emergencies, shut down water at your home’s main valve. If you are unsure of where your home’s main valve is, have a plumbing expert locate it for you.
  • Keep plumbing contact information in a handy location. When an emergency arises, dial Elek Plumbing’s emergency team for immediate assistance.
  • If you have identified the source of a leak, use plumbing tape or old rags to slow or stop it.
  • If you are unable to open a drain with a plunger, avoid using chemical cleaners during a drain clog emergency. These caustic chemicals can damage pipes, emit dangerous fumes and complicate the situation for your plumbing technician.

Get Plumbing Help Now

Sure, some plumbing problems can wait a few days, but a true plumbing emergency should be addressed immediately—before major damage occurs. Serving Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton, our Lehigh Valley plumbers are available 24 hours a day to repair clogged pipes, major leaks or sewer problems. Taking exceptional care of your home and furnishings, we use advanced industry technology to solve your problem fast and affordably. Call now to report a plumbing crisis or schedule a non-urgent repair: 610.432.7001

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Emergency Plumbing Services

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