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Kitchen Drain Cleaning

If your kitchen drain or garbage disposal is clogged or running slow, an accumulation of grease and soap scum may be to blame. Over time, this slimy buildup leads to a blockage that interferes with productivity and leaves a rotten smell drifting from the sink. When hot water and a plunger don’t do the trick, it’s time to call in a Lehigh Valley plumber.

At Elek, our motivated team of SuperSTARS begins by identifying the source of your kitchen sink, dishwasher or garbage disposal problem. Kitchen clogs start when cooking oil, detergents, and food create a thick layer inside of pipes. Depending on the complexity of the blockage, Elek’s award-winning plumbing team uses drain snakes, augers, natural enzyme solutions, cabling or hydro-jetting equipment to clear the clog and restore pipe performance.

Preventing a Clogged Kitchen Drain or Garbage Disposal

Pouring hot grease down the drain is asking for trouble. One of the best ways to avoid a slow kitchen drain is by disposing of cooking oil in the trashcan after it has solidified. If you must wash cooking grease down your kitchen pipes, dilute it with dish soap and hot water. Other ways to minimize a clogged garbage disposal or kitchen sink include:

  • Disposing of coffee grounds and tea leaves in the trash
  • Using a drain screen to prevent leftover food & debris from entering pipes
  • Flushing baking soda, vinegar & hot water down your kitchen drain
  • Running your garbage disposal with a few pieces of orange or lemon rind
  • Emptying leftover food particles into the trashcan before washing plates

If your kitchen drain has always been slow, it may not be installed correctly. Proper slope and venting are keys to kitchen drain success, and Elek technicians evaluate drain design when they arrive to repair your clogged dishwasher or kitchen sink. For your peace of mind, our Lehigh Valley SuperSTARS are experts in these kitchen-plumbing services:

  • All types of kitchen drain clogs
  • Backed up sinks & dishwashers
  • Broken or clogged garbage disposals
  • Kitchen pipe repairs & retrofits
  • Low or no water pressure
  • Leaky faucets & pipes
  • Faucet & sink installation
  • Dishwasher & garbage disposal installation

Maintain Pipes to Reduce Drain Clogs

Most disposal, sink, and dishwasher drain clogs can be prevented with routine maintenance. When you purchase a cost-effective Plumbing Maintenance Agreement, an Elek technician performs routine inspections to address slow running drains and pinpoint small issues before they escalate into costly repairs. Call 610.432.7001 to ask about plan pricing.

Schedule Kitchen Drain Services in the Lehigh Valley

When a kitchen sink clog threatens to ruin your day, Elek’s licensed technicians are a phone call away. Schedule a service call to resolve localized kitchen clogs or request sewer cleaning for more advanced problems. Our SuperSTARS are available for routine and emergency repairs, and we help you make an informed, cost-effective decision before you invest.

Schedule a plumbing estimate now: dial 610.432.7001 or connect with Elek online.

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