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Elek and Audrey's Angels at the 2019 Walk

#LightItUpBlue Update: Team Audrey’s Angels Exceeds 2019 Fundraising Goal

It’s been over a month since Audrey’s Angels’ supporters gathered at the SteelStacks for the Lehigh Valley Autism Speaks Walk, and we’re proud to say we exceeded this year’s original team goal of $8,000.

To date, Team Audrey’s Angels has raised $12,058 during its 2019 fundraising efforts—and people are continuing to give.

It’s heartwarming to see the Elek Plumbing community band together to support families navigating life on the autism spectrum. A special THANKS to this year’s walkers and donors for their generous gifts of time and money!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that one in 68 U.S. children has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and tens of thousands of teens and adults are also impacted by autism. ASD symptoms range from social, communication and sensory challenges to repetitive movements, behavior disturbances and speech delays. ASD severity depends on the individual, and autism’s impact on daily living is sometimes treated with behavioral therapies, family support and medication for symptom control. The donations and sponsorships for Autism Walk events and other fundraisers help fuel innovative scientific research and critical support services for ASD children and families.

What Is the Autism Speaks Walk?

It’s the world’s LARGEST fundraising event to benefit the lives of people with autism (and their families). According to the official website, “The Autism Speaks Walk is powered by the love of parents, grandparents, children, siblings, friends, relatives and support providers for the special people in their lives living with autism.” Since it’s 2005 inception, Autism Speaks has funded global biomedical autism research, raised public awareness about ASD, and brought hope to families dealing with its challenges.

For the last several years, Elek Plumbing has partnered with Elizabeth Srock, mom of Audrey, to sponsor Team Audrey’s Angels for the Lehigh Valley Autism Speaks Walk. Diagnosed with autism during 2016, Audrey just finished kindergarten. “Autism is this tricky disease that changes daily. Two steps forward, one step back; one issue overcome while another reveals itself. But my sweet girl deserves everything the world has to offer and I will always, always be her advocate and cheerleader,” says Liz.

This year’s fourth annual Audrey’s Angels event welcomed over 50 walkers. The team has raised a collective $24,000 during previous years, and this year’s $12,000+ is an exciting annual record!

Donate to Autism Research Today!

The 2019 walk is over, but it’s not too late to give. If you have a heart for families dealing with ASD, click here to donate on behalf of Team Audrey’s Angels. Elek customers are some of the most generous people we know, and couldn’t be more grateful for your support.

Hoping to learn more about life with autism? Visit the CDC or National Institute of Mental Health for the most recent research. To learn more about beautiful Audrey and her amazing team of supporters, check out our pre-walk sponsorship blog!

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