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Meet Brian Cortright: Residential Plumbing Estimator

PHOTO: Brian, his wife & two children (left) + Brian’s sister & her family (right)

One of Elek’s top residential estimators joined our team as a plumbing veteran with years of training in all facets of the business: administration, sales and customer service. “My background is varied and extensive. I was a tech and estimator for my former employer, and he sent me around the country to pursue certifications and continuing education. I was taught the ownership side of the business, and I learned how to read personalities, ask the right questions and communicate effectively,” says Brian. 

“What I learned more than anything is that our business is more about serving people than fixing plumbing problems. And that’s what I love about it. Helping customers is the best part of my job.”

Brian’s days never look the same, but they have a steady rhythm that keeps him on his toes. Splitting his time between the office and the road, he works on estimates, visits job sites and manages project issues that arise. “I have to be very flexible. Sometimes it’s 9 p.m. before I get my estimates out,” Brian laughs. “I never watch the clock, though. My days go so fast. I look up and it’s been 10 hours, and I feel like I just got to work.”

The Elek Difference: People Who Care 

Every week, our staff is charged with sharing the Elek Difference with customers. From Brian’s perspective, Elek has a clear edge: We’re like family—and we care about your family. “Our team gets along great. Joking around, keeping the stress light. We do have demanding jobs, so we make things fun and keep each other sane.”

According to Brian, customers appreciate the empathy they receive when Elek technicians arrive at their door. “We’re the good guys, and good guys have empathy. No one’s a number, here. We get to know our clients, show up fast and back up our work. I was taught early in my career to treat every customer’s home like it’s my mom’s house—and that’s what I do,” says Brian. “And I never forget that some of my customers woke up that morning with a $5,000 plumbing bill they didn’t plan for. It caught them totally off-guard, so we try to make the process as painless as possible. It’s our goal to manage their stress at fair rates. To make a bad day a little better.”

Taking on the Tough Jobs

Brian remembers the days when plumbing or HVAC service was more of a commodity, and customers made hiring decisions based on the cheapest bid. But he says today’s clients consider the value of a service, first. “Most people understand they get what they pay for. I’ve gone behind a lot of other plumbers and cleaned up messes that shouldn’t have happened,” he says. “People don’t have time for that. They want it done right the first time.”

Today, Brian and his team face a new challenge: customer “overeducation” and digital overload. “One of our biggest issues is our clients’ reliance on the web. I constantly have to de-bunk things people read online. I have close to three decades’ experience diagnosing every type of plumbing trouble, but inevitably people self-diagnose their problems before I get to the door,” he jokes. “The internet is great because people are prepped and ahead of the game—but it puts more pressure on us, too.”

Fortunately, Brian doesn’t shy away from marketplace challenges. “Every day brings something new, and we thrive on the tough jobs,” he says. “We’re known for our ability to dig in, figure out the best approach to every puzzle—and offer the most cost-effective solutions to our customers’ needs.”

Family, Fun & Free Time

Outside work, Brian is a family man and Disney World enthusiast who frequents the Florida theme park with his wife, son (13) and daughter (12). “My whole family loves Phillies baseball, too. We recently went to Pittsburgh to watch a game and celebrate my wife’s birthday. Nothing better than a little birthday baseball!”

Trust Our SuperSTARS With Your Home Plumbing Problems

Thanks to energetic and devoted team members like Brian, Elek Plumbing is consistently rated a No. 1 Lehigh Valley plumbing provider. By hiring for character and training for performance, our century-old company demonstrates its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Get to know more of Elek Plumbing’s office, field and management staff on our website, and call 610.432.7001 to request plumbing installation or report a plumbing emergency. For your convenience, you can also reach us online, 24/7!

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