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Spotlight on SuperSTARS

Meet Domenica McCole: Administrative Assistant

Two years ago, Domenica McCole joined the Elek Plumbing team—and she says it has transformed her outlook. “In my previous hospitality job as a supervisor, I was working weekends and late hours and hardly had any time with my family. It was stressful and exhausting. Elek has given me balance. It’s not just a job. It’s a gift—to me and to my family. Don and Irene are angels on earth. They have given me this opportunity, and I am very appreciative and grateful. They truly care about people, and this job has honestly changed my life.”

Domenica is Elek’s administrative assistant, managing the company’s accounts payable department and serving as a commissioned notary public. Tackling many of the plumbing company’s administrative tasks, she says the job is very different from her previous work roles. “Supervising in the hospitality industry was a very physical, hands-on type of job. Administrative work is completely different, and I never really considered doing it full-time. But Elek believed in me, gave me the confidence I needed, and encouraged me by giving me the chance to try something new. I love my job, am always learning new things, and I embrace the challenges that come with it.”

The Elek Difference, According to Domenica

Domenica echoes many of her colleagues’ opinions about Elek: The company is tight-knit and focused on family. “It’s an amazing place that’s staffed and run by wonderful, hard-working people. I’d recommend Elek to any of my neighbors because the techs are reliable, skilled and good at what they do. All of my coworkers are true professionals who can be trusted,” Domenica says. “Most importantly, the owner, Don, and general manager, Irene, have such good hearts. They’re like family, and they want the best for their employees and customers.”

Getting to Know Domenica

Domenica has been a lifelong musician, drummer and singer, and enjoys spending time with her husband, Danny. “We just celebrated 30 years in May. He’s my best friend, and my marriage is one of my greatest accomplishments,” she says. “That, and being a good mom and grandmother. To me, that’s what life is really about.” 

“I think of this job not just as a job, but a blessing that allows me to work toward simplicity,” says Domenica. “I was in search of a more peaceful life, and Elek has given me the balance to have that. In my newfound free time, I love hiking and walking, writing and reading, spending time on the beach and doing art. I get to enjoy more of life, now, thanks to my employer. I’m so grateful.”

A lover of the arts, Domenica grew up in a musical, creative family. “I love many types of music and I dabble in freehand drawing, especially drawing beach landscapes,” she says. She and her husband, Danny, are proud of their Brady-Bunch blended family (five kids and eight grandchildren). “There are so many fun things to do with the grandkids, who range from preschool to 15 years old. You name it, we do it. And we’re getting to travel so much more—now that my job is more predictable and family-friendly. We’d love to go to Dublin, someday. My husband’s family is from Ireland. We would also love to take a family trip to Disney World.”

Join the Elek Family

With over a century in business, Elek Plumbing is proud to serve generations of Lehigh Valley residents. We’re also proud of our team of SuperSTARS, who keep customers returning and phones ringing. 

For more team spotlights, company news and information about our plumbing services, visit the Elek blog. To schedule residential or commercial plumbing, water treatment or drain cleaning service, dial 610.432.7001. We can’t wait to help!

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