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Spotlight on SuperSTARS

Meet Amber Balliet: Dispatcher & Marketing Intern

When Amber Balliet joined Elek’s dispatch team, she was looking for an opportunity to expand her business education and join a close-knit company culture. Winter 2019 marked her one-year anniversary with Elek, and Amber is showing her versatility as she moves into the dual role of dispatcher and business intern.

“I’m a full-time student graduating in May with my business management degree, and right now I’m cross-training at Elek to learn other areas of the business. I’m still deciding what I want to do once I finish my business coursework, but it’s fun learning more about the business admin and marketing sides of Elek,” says Amber. “My ultimate goal is to grow with a business, and I’ve had a great opportunity to do that, here.”

A self-professed ‘numbers nerd,’ Amber says it intrigues her to see how the company manages so many different divisions and tracks revenue in each area. “There’s so much to learn here, every day,” she says.  

Getting to Know Amber

Amber is a Pennsylvania native who has lived in Slatington, Allentown, Bethlehem and Harrisburg. She attended vocational school and previously worked for a senior living and memory care facility in Whitehall, PA. As a former competitive softball player and cheerleader, Amber now gets her fitness fix playing recreational tennis and volleyball.

A few of her favorite things: dogs, country music and the Great Outdoors. “I love being outside, taking walks and hiking. And if I didn’t listen to music, I’d lose my mind,” she laughs. “I have to listen every day. I’m definitely not the best singer, but I sure try.”

When Amber isn’t attending school, serving Elek customers or learning more about the ins and outs of running our PA plumbing company, she spends her free hours with Garrett, her boyfriend of three years. She can also be found enjoying time with close family members, who are scattered throughout the Lehigh Valley and Harrisburg, PA regions. “My favorite family pastime is game night,” she says. “We get together and laugh—and everybody’s stress seems to go away. It’s the best way to relax.”

Someday—maybe on her honeymoon—Amber hopes to travel to Italy. “It’s beautiful. The buildings, the architecture, everything. It’s my travel goal.”

The Elek Difference, According to Amber

What makes Elek stand out from other plumbing companies in the area? Amber says it’s all about the staff. “From a personal perspective, everybody is there for you. You can always talk to them. It’s seriously one big family where everyone’s got your back—and you can always count on them,” she says.

“If I could tell customers why they should partner with us, I’d tell them we have some of the greatest technicians in the industry,” says Amber. “They know their jobs, they are friendly, and they make our customers feel like family members. They never just do a job and get out; they solve people’s problems and let them know they care.”

As the youngest SuperSTAR in the Elek office, Amber is the “little sibling” of the Elek team. “The technicians are like my brothers and sisters—or my moms and dads! I feel very loved.”

Meet More of our Fabulous SuperSTARS

Elek couldn’t be prouder of our team of SuperSTARS and the difference they make in our community. Hiring for character, training for performance and insisting on customer satisfaction, Elek Plumbing has created a culture that feels like family—to our employees and our customers.

To learn more about our century-old plumbing mainstay and its core values, click here. To request plumbing solutions for your home or business, call 610.432.7001 or connect online today!

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