Storm Preparation in the Lehigh Valley

Prepping Your Home for Nor’easters & Coastal Storm Activity Nor’easters and coastal storms can last for days, bringing heavy snow and rainfall, gusty winds, flooding, high tides and power outages. After last week’s nor’easter and the potential for future storms well into the spring, now is a wise time to plan ahead. The following tips […]

Plumbing Myths: Garbage Disposals

Disposal Troubles: Separating Fact From Fiction Since their introduction, garbage disposals have been an essential part of the modern kitchen. Today, over half of American homes depend on the convenience disposals bring to mealtime preparation and cleanup. Disposals offer a simple way to eliminate food waste and the odors associated with it, but when something […]

Winter Plumbing 101

Tips to Avoid Common Cold-Weather Plumbing Problems When temperatures plummet, families gather and hot water use increases, Elek Plumbing SuperSTARs experience a flood of calls about winter plumbing problems. Steer clear of these common plumbing issues by carefully maintaining home plumbing systems, being vigilant about water heater inspections and calling a licensed professional at the […]

Summer’s Hottest Plumbing Tips

Houseguests, cookouts and water play are some of the season’s best features, but summer can also be a time of plumbing stress. When your washing machine, toilets and sprinklers are working overtime, problems crop up without warning and at the most inconvenient times. These simple steps may help you ward off a summer water emergency—and […]