Basement Sump Pump System

Basement Flooding Repair

How To Choose The Best Basement Sump Pump System For Your Home Everyone has a basement, which means that everyone also has potential issues with water and flooding. If you’re looking for the best basement sump pump system for your home, you’ll want to consider the size of your basement, how much water is it […]

Sump Pump Switch

Rough in Plumbing

What is a Sump Pump Switch? A sump pump switch is a device that is used to turn on and off a sump pump. It is usually a manual switch, but there are also some that are automatic. The switch is located in the sump pit and is activated when the water level reaches a […]

Storm Preparation in the Lehigh Valley

Prepping Your Home for Nor’easters & Coastal Storm Activity Nor’easters and coastal storms can last for days, bringing heavy snow and rainfall, gusty winds, flooding, high tides and power outages. After last week’s nor’easter and the potential for future storms well into the spring, now is a wise time to plan ahead. The following tips […]

Benefits of Bradford White Water Heaters

Water Heater

A typical home water heater needs replacing every eight to 12 years. Sure, a meticulously maintained appliance may last longer, but as a rule, you can count on a new water heater every decade. When it’s time to replace your aging hot water heater, Elek recommends Bradford White for its product quality, longevity and efficiency. A […]

April Flowers Bring May Showers

Basement Flooding Repair

Heavy rainfall brings flooded basements and blocked drainage pipes. Partnering with the most well-known and respected equipment manufacturers and vendors has been a longstanding practice here at Elek Plumbing. To provide our customers with the best quality and performance, we have to start with the right parts, and for that reason, we offer Liberty Sump […]

Live the Sweet Life with Softer Water

Chances are you haven’t spent much time thinking about the harsh realities of hard water, but the benefits of water softeners are too good to ignore. From shinier silverware and glasses to smoother hair and skin, water softeners leave lasting impressions from the kitchen to the bathroom and everywhere in between. Elek Plumbing now has […]